Homeopathy is a natural treatment.  It stimulates and encourages your body’s natural healing mechanism.  The homeopathic remedy delivers an energetic stimulus to the self-healing mechanism and enables it restore balance.


It is based on the principle of similarity which states that ‘like cures like’.  The principle is simple: a given substance can cure in a diseased person the symptoms that it produces in a healthy person.


Symptoms of disease in the patient signal what needs to be brought back to balance.  They are very important in homeopathy as they are unique to every individual they are the patient's ‘signpost’ to cure.   Symptoms as they present in the patient provide the ‘clue’ to the remedy that will restore health.  The classical homeopath investigates these symptoms in depth to get a picture of the totality.  This totality is compared with the remedy pictures described in the materia medica so that the remedy with characteristics matching the presentation can be selected.  The homeopath may take additional time to research remedies after the first consultation before prescribing your first remedy.   An individualised remedy specific to you will be selected.

Personal history

The patient’s personal history is also very significant as it will provide the homeopath with information for the course of your treatment - in planning your treatment programme.

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