The first consultation  

The first consultation takes about one to one and a half hours, sometimes longer.  This gives an opportunity to obtain a holistic view of the whole person.   The homeopath will record your symptoms in detail to assess the totality of the physical, mental and emotional complaints.   Lifestyle is important to discuss as is any previous medical history.

This meeting gives an opportunity to talk about homeopathy and how both client and practitioner can work together.  

Remedy characteristics

This information is cross-referenced with the homeopathic remedy characteristics described in the Materia Medica.  An individualised remedy specific to you will be selected.


I can be contacted by email or by telephone in between consultations.  A telephone consultation 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation is recommended and included with the initial consultation.

Follow-up consultations

The follow-up consultations are shorter, about 30 minutes.  The reaction to the homeopathic remedy is evaluated and the treatment plan reviewed.  The symptom picture will change as the patient is returned to health necessitating adjustments to the remedy.  It is therefore important to keep in contact with your homeopath throughout treatment.