The course of therapy is individual to each patient and is influenced by a number of factors including the response to the remedy.   The time it takes to heal is among other things dependant on the nature and severity of the complaints, the patient’s age, dependencies and hereditary factors.  These will be discussed at each consultation.


The appropriate homeopathic remedy will stimulate one's own self-healing.   Some people experience a significant improvement in their symptoms and overall energy within a few weeks.  With others the improvement will be more gradual.

Initial effects

In some cases it may appear that your symptoms intensify for a short time.  If this happens, it is a good sign, it is part of the healing process and accompanied by an improved sense of well-being.  During the course of therapy old symptoms you had in the past may also recur for a short time.  Again, this is an excellent sign that deep healing is taking place.  In the majority of cases there is a gradual improvement of the complaints.   A key indicator to successful therapy is improved sense of well-being and enjoyment of life.

Homeopathy works to strengthen the constitution of the patient.  It increases resistance to disease and resilience to stress.   The whole health of the person is addressed so that overall improvement and a sense of well-being is experienced.

Acute/chronic complaints

In acute situations you can expect a quick and obvious improvement within 24 hours.  Chronic problems may take more time you should expect signs of improvement within a month.

Acute symptoms represent self-protective efforts of the organism dealing with some type of recent stress or infection.  Chronic symptoms refer to recurrent unsuccessful efforts of the organism to re-estabish health.  Such symptoms may persist if the person's constitution is weakened from genetic, lifestyle, or environmental factors and/or if the person is continually stressed or frequently re-infected.

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