My journey with Homeopathy

I first came in contact with homeopathy after my first child was born. This is now over 20 years ago. I lived in Berlin at the time. I was breastfeeding and had hurt my ankle. So I went to my GP and he put a few globuli under my tongue and that was my medicine to heal the ankle quickly. I could not believe it. Those sweet tasting little sugar pills were supposed to help. Well they did.
The paediatric doctor also recommended homeopathy when the child was unwell.
And when I was expecting my second child I had meat poisoning. My husband had to call the doctor to our house at night. When pregnant they cannot give you real medicine. I was amazed to see the doctor they had sent had a case full of homeopathic remedies which he prescribed and a few hours later I was well again. I think this incident made me look into it closely. I bought books on homeopathy and tried remedies when my children were sick. And again they worked. No antibiotics were needed. Homeopathy is not you have this illness – take this remedy. No, it looks at the whole picture, your person, your habits, you have to open up to a homeopath as much as possible. Often the reason for an illness can be treated with homeopathy. Real medicine just fights the symptoms.
For example I had 5 throat infections – within 2 months – I was prescribed antibiotics again and again. In the end I went to a classical homeopath, she found a constitutional remedy for me and I did not have a throat infection 18 years.
I came to Ireland nearly 17 years ago. It was difficult to find a homeopath here who I could feel I can rely on. I tried a number and thought it was still at an experimental stage at the time.
One of my children was later diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. We went through a lot of information at the time – it was overwhelming. In the end I thought, let’s see if there is anything homeopathic that could help. I found a book and in the end we received treatment from the author of the book. It was so good to see how he was able to socialise more, look at people, talk to people, he even started to play football with the lads during lunch, it no longer needed 20 minutes of constant talking and explaining why he should do a 2 min job. It made life much more easy. He is now studying, even doing Erasmus and enjoying life!
Just recently I had some issues I wanted to see a homeopath about. I thought a classical homeopath would be what I really wanted to get a new constitutional remedy that would help my general health to improve. I stumbled over Bernadette’s website and what I read really appealed to me.
I went to meet her and though her way of prescribing remedies is not what I knew from years ago it is very much what I like and was looking for all the time. Since then she has worked wonders. My urinary tract no longer acts up, and she also successfully helped with a haemorrhage recently by giving me just one dose of a remedy.
When I get ill I know where to go. Don’t get me wrong if there is really something seriously wrong I would also go and see my GP (who is not one to prescribe antibiotics if there is no need – phew). But I feel now that I know Berndette there will rarely be an occasion to have to see my GP.
My husband doesn’t believe it would help him but he would give it to his children as he sees it works in them and me. I am a full believer in homeopathy by now and hope it can help me for a long time to come.


Bernadette has been most helpful in helping me overcome “pre-presentation“ anxiety. A few days before an important presentation at work, I had become so nervous that for several nights in a row, I had woken up in the middle of the night with literally a heavy heart that seemed to beat at twice its speed. This worried me even more than the actual presentation and interfered with my concentration during the day. Luckily, I thought of phoning Bernadette, who had successfully treated me for something else before. She got back to me within minutes, giving me detailed instructions on what remedy to get and how to take it. From that night on, I slept uninterruptedly again and the heavy feeling in my chest was gone, allowing me to concentrate on my work and to successfully complete the task at hand. I’m very grateful and I feel homeopathy is just the right approach in this kind of situation because going for an “ordinary“ medicine would surely have had unpleasant side effects, which did not occur at all with the treatment Bernadette administered.
— AB

Back to MY Confident Self

“My experience with Bernadette was very positive! It consisted of communication via Skype & plenty of emails to help get to the root of my panic attacks. Bernadette was very helpful and understanding- never making me feel uncomfortable. I’m truly so excited & happy I made the decision to talk to Bernadette. Right away, she knew the homeopathic remedy she thought was best for me. Not knowing much about homeopathy, I did it and better understood how it all works (with Bernadette’s help, of course!) From that first week, my panic attacks and insecurities have gone away, and I am back to my confident self! I still keep in touch for check ins to make sure everything is on track!”
— KA

Migraine, high blood pressure, & sadness

I had some health issues for quite a long time. I saw several physicians through the years and they were taking care of the symptoms not the condition. I was always taking prescription medications and didn’t feel like I was getting any better, so I decided to try homeopathy. A good friend of mine introduced me to Bernadette. Bernadette has been of enormous help to me. Her genuine interest in my health and well being has set her apart from anyone I have previously seen. With her help and guidance, my overall health is so much better. I feel like a brand new person. I recommend Bernadette to anyone who truly cares about his or her health and well being. Bernadette is very knowledgeable about homeopathy and has an excellent beside manner.
— MV

Persistent night-time asthmatic cough

Bernadette was the first homeopath that understood my issues. She listened very attentively and was very thorough with her questioning. She took the time to process and evaluate the symptoms. Her remedy was correct. Bernadette ROCKS!!!!!!!
— BA


I first went to Bernadette when she was highly recommended through a friend. I had a very acute and severe gynaecological complaint that had been present for some weeks. I had attended a few doctors and a specialist and still had not been given any definite diagnosis and although I had been prescribed a plethora of medicines and ointments none worked. After my initial visit with Bernadette I followed her instructions and within days my ailment had significantly improved, and after only a week or so it had completely cleared-up. I continued to attend Bernadette, and my overall health improved greatly. Both mental and physical. I enjoyed a new level of energy, renewed assertiveness and positive mind frame.

I have also taken both my young daughters to see Bernadette. My youngest at just a year, primarily because she had recurring high temperatures with associated episodes of turning blue. I rang Bernadette when the fever and symptoms occurred and she provided an immediate and accurate remedy which indeed brought the fever down. After a consultation with Bernadette and personalised remedy for my little one not only has the fever with associated blueness not returned other issues such as constipation, disturbed sleep pattern, high levels of frustration have also abated which is an added bonus and something that without Bernadette and homeopathy I would still be living with. I now have a very content calm little girl, who sleeps through the night.

I took my two year old to see Bernadette for primarily eczema on her arms and an aversion to bathing. After seeing Bernadette and getting a full evaluation and remedy my little girl has never had a return of eczema and is like a fish to water. Indeed she still talks of her visit to Bernadette and having fun and getting her remedy which she adored taking...her response to the experience was so positive.

Bernadette is an amazing practitioner, she has helped enormously in my own health and that of my family. Bernadette is a warm, empathetic, approachable and excellent communicator. She is also reliable and so accurate in the prescription of remedies that I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their health through homeopathy. For any mother the relationship Bernadette provides is a truly wonderful support, as all too often one can think that other health care providers may be dismissive of you or your worries. Not in a million years could one feel that way about the care that Bernadette provides.
— AF


My friend recommended I attend Bernadette with my one year old after a continuous cycle of ear infections. He had been on lots of antibiotics almost back to back and missing lots of days in Creche as a result. Once we worked through the relevant information required, Bernadette provided us with a remedy and we haven’t looked back since. He hasn’t missed one day in Creche since that first appointment. I would highly recommend Bernadette for any child who is struggling with continually being ill. It really worked for us.

Bernadette Connolly is a fully registered homeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths. A graduate of the Irish School she has undertaken additional studies in classical homeopathy at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece with George Vithoulkas. She has a wide knowledge of support therapies and has trained in dietary therapy, phytotherapy, reflexology and aromatherapy. When not immersed in homeopathy books she loves pottering in the garden and visiting beautiful gardens.