What are homeopathic remedies?

A homeopathic remedy is a natural substance usually derived from a plant, animal or a mineral that has been diluted many times.  In large quantities, these substances would cause the same symptoms the patient is trying to cure.  In small, pure, diluted doses, they are not only safe and free from side effects, but their medicinal properties are enhanced and readily available to assist the body to heal itself.   Examples are nat.mur which is from common salt, and allium cepa derived from red onion.

Who will benefit from homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be used by infants as well as adults from birth to retirement - all through life.  In addition to the usual physical complaints mental issues improve with treatment - one of the marvellous benefits of this very safe medicine.

How beneficial is homeopathy in treating children and the elderly?

Homeopathy is particularly successful in the treatment of children.  With their high vitality, they respond quickly to remedies.  The elderly can also be successully supported and discomforting symptoms allievated safely such as poor digestion, insomnia, depression etc.

What is constitutional prescribing?

In classical homeopathy there is a difference between acute and constitutional prescribing.  In an acute case the homeopath will give a homeopathic medicine indicated by the acute complaint, including the accompanying emotional and psychological symptoms.  In a constitutional case the homeopath selects homeopathic medicine that covers your entire constitution.  This remedy will strengthen your body’s defense system, helping you eliminate many health problems and increasing your well being and sense of happiness.

Can I use regular medication during the treatment?

In general homeopathic medicine can be used at the same time as regular medication.  It is important to stay on medication prescribed by your GP and let your GP know that you are using homeopathy for support.   It is advisable that changes to medication prescribed by your GP only be made in consultation with your GP.  I am happy to provide feedback to your GP/Consultant if desired.

Can I use homeopathy during pregnancy?

Homeopathy is absolutely safe during pregnancy.

Homeopathy is ideal for women in their childbearing years as it is a gentle system of medicine.  By stimulating your vitality in pregnancy,  homeopathic treatment can benefit your baby and by staying as healthy as possible during pregnancy,  you are giving your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive.

Do homeopathic medicines have side effects?

Homeopathy does not cause the damaging side effects known in regular pharmacological medicines.    By stimulating the self healing mechanism there can be reactions to the remedy.  Especially known is the initial aggravation a temporary and short aggravation similar to the symptoms.  This occurs when the similar remedy resonates well with the organism it stimulates artificial similar symptoms which then neutralise the original symptoms and is part of the process whereby the original symptoms are cured.   It is accompanied by an improved sense of well-being.   In the majority of cases this is not perceptible and the patient experiences a gradual improvement of the complaints.

How long will it take to see the results when taking homeopathic medicine?

It is not easy to predict the course of a treatment.  This depends not only on the homeopathic medicine,  other factors also play a big role.   The time it takes to heal is among other things dependent on the nature and severity of the complaints,  the patient’s age, use of medication and hereditary factors.   In acute situations you may expect a quick and obvious improvement.  Chronic problems may take more time.  You should expect improvement within a month.

Are there any contra-indications for homeopathic treatment?

Generally no, but I will discuss what you may expect from homeopathy at the outset and if there are contra-indications to treatment you will be advised accordingly and referred back to your GP

How much do homeopathic medicines cost?

Single dose of common homeopathic remedies are included in the treatment.  When you need a remedy that has to be made up as liquid dose or ordered for you personally, you will be informed in advance.  The usual cost of a liquid remedy is €10 per bottle.

Can I use coffee and peppermint during treatment?

Coffee, peppermints and other strong smelling substances are often said to antidote homeopathic medicines.  There is no consensus on this issue in relation to drinking coffee amongst homeopaths.  In some sensitive individuals the homeopathic medicine is more easily antidoted.  It is important however to avoid using peppermint toothpaste, eucalyptus(Fishermen’s Friends), Olbas oil, and aromatherapy oil during treatment.  While it would be best for many reasons to stop taking coffee, however if this presents difficulties it is best to avoid it on the first 3 days of taking the remedy and thereafter if taking a daily dose of your remedy take it at least two hours away from drinking coffee.  It is worth noting that some distinguished homeopaths maintain that coffee drinking can cause relapse during the course of treatment and they recommend abstaining from coffee during treatment and for a period following successful treatment.

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